Low Voltage VFDs


Main Characteristics:

  • Current range from 1,0 to 56 A (0,25 kW / 0,33 HP to 30 kW /40 HP) with supply voltages 200-240, 380-480 or 500-600 V
  • Built-in braking IGBT (optional)
  • Fieldbus communication modules for the most used industrial networks, like CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, EtherNet-IP, Profinet-IO or Modbus-RTU
  • Operating ambient temperature up to 50 °C without derating
  • Ideal for machinery manufacturer
  • Free WLP and SuperDrive G2 programming
  • Conformal Coating class 3C2 for greater protection of electronic boards against corrosive atmospheres
  • Internal RFI filter to reduce high-frequency electromagnetic interference signals
  • Dedicated functions for pumping systems using Pump Genius
  • Single or three-phase power supply in 200-240 V, 380-480 V or 500-600 V
  • Memory card for data transfers without the necessity to power the CFW500 up

Fast commissioning and infinite possibilities, make this Drive perfect for machines. The CFW500 covers power levels from 0.18 to 7.5 kW (0.25 to 10 HP).

Let us know your application and we can find a Variable Frequency Drive to suit your needs.

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