Medium Voltage VFDs


Main Characteristics:

  • Motor voltage: 1.15 kV to 13.8 kV;
  • Motor current: up to 340 A (other current on request);
  • Input voltage: 1.15 kV...13.8 kV;
  • High-efficiency air cooling;
  • Compliance with the harmonic limits of IEEE 519;
  • Fully integrated solution, reducing the system commissioning and start-up time;
  • High power factor (>0.95);
  • Optimized input harmonics, without requiring filters (according to IEEE 519, IEC 61800-3, G5/4-1);
  • The sinusoidal output voltage and current reduce the motor losses, vibration, torque pulsation and motor overheating.

The MVW3000 Medium Voltage Frequency Inverter has a graphical and friendly HMI, which follows the same programming philosophy used in the low voltage inverter line, the MVW3000 is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications that require speed variation such as compressors, pumps, fans, conveyor belts and mills.

Let us know your application and we can find a Variable Frequency Drive to suit your needs.

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