Induction Motor Basics

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Induction Motor Basics Select Electrical

Electric motors are a vital component of industrial equipment, vehicles, appliances, and just about every piece of machinery that incorporates movement. An induction motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors are powered by either AC or DC sources. Blowers, Pumpjacks, compressors and cranes are just a small handful of common machines that use … Read More

When Do You Need a Soft Starter?

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Select Electricsal Soft Starter Systems

Soft starters have shown over time to be a pinnacle tool to help extend the life of our motor systems in the modern industrial world. The conventional method of powering up an AC induction motor is done by connecting directly across its 3-phase supply, and then the starter will apply the full line voltage to … Read More

SEEL Interview

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Select Electrical Enterprises LTD (SEEL)

Derek Walkom CET, Electrician, and the CEO of Select Electrical Enterprises LTD. (SEEL). had the opportunity to sit down with Drives and Control Solutions to talk WEG, automation, and a recent case showcasing how Select Electrical can offer your company a fully customized solution plan.  About Select Electrical SEEL is an electrical and controls company that … Read More

What is a VFD?

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Photo of open Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panel

If you are a newcomer to the world of electric motors, you may hear the term “VFD” thrown around a lot. What a VFD stands for Variable Frequency Drive, which can also be referred to as an AC Drive, or an Inverter. That is all well and good, but what actually is a VFD, how … Read More